This page has been started on 2022-09-03 for visitor count people to see

Welcome to ari-web!!1!!11111111111;1!!

Hi queen, this is one of my webpages :D, I do stuff here ig

Who even are you?

I'm Ari, an open source LGBT Lithuanian developer, I like playing with code, It's my hobby, I also like cooking ig :)

Kay, so, what is this

So basically, ari-web started as a personal site (well still is), then it grew into a bigger project and it keeps groing every day by me adding more features, pages and subdomains to consume, add and modify content on!

Nono, what is *THIS*

Oh, this, idk tbh, I just wanted to make something for me to have fun with, decided on a 90s aesthetic page, I got everything from the bad HTML, CSS and colours to scrolling text and even web buttons at the bottom of the page, the footer

Nice, so what's up with the sidebar

It's just a fun thing ig, actually has a lot of content ari-web provides in there, might want to check it out, also has some contanct information just in case you might want to contact me

Anything else?

Nah, not really, I might update this page by adding some events and shit xD

2022-05-30: A shitton of people visiting my website

I even made a blog abt it here, was very exciting ig lol

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