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Tired of companies spying on you? NoVPN might be the "VPN" for you, visitor visitor count. Read more.

What is NoVPN?

NoVPN is a page on my website to encourage people to not use VPNs if they don't have a use for them. Read more.

I use ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc. are these good options?

No. These VPNs collect enourmous ammount of your data and sell it. ExpressVPN hires literal spies and NordVPN had a huge data breach. These are just two examples, most proprietary VPNs are or have faced this sort of issue. Read more.

But people, my friends and my favourite creators are telling me that my data will be exposed otherwise

That can technically happen, BUT, most sites use the HTTPS protocol which is very secure and it's very unlikely your data will be exposed while visiting HTTPS sites. But if you use only HTTP which is not secure and someone is targeting you, yes they will get your data, but most HTTP sites are very simple and don't even give you the option to put in any details. And please remember that your favourite creators are paid to lie to you and they probably themselves don't know what they're saying so before you believe someone think to yourself "was there money involved" and "is there a chance that they actually know what they're talking about". Don't trust anyone. Read more.

Hm okay, but what about open source VPNs like riseup or proton VPN

VPNs without a use... well are just useless... Don't use a VPN if you don't have a use. Because:

Please think about if you REALLY need a VPN or are you just getting it just to waste money, bandwidth and your privacy... Read more.

What are good use cases of VPNs

Read more.

You're telling us "not to trust anyone", does that include you?

Yes. You should not trust me or anyone, you should do your own research on unbias sources. Read more.

Why do people use VPNs so much without knowing what it is, does or is running

They are being influenced by their favourite content creators on social media and then they influence their friend and they their friends and so on. But one friend eventually realised it's bullshit and doesn't spread it, which is when it stops, be the person who stops the spreading of this bs and stop giving companies data to sell. Read more.

Why did you even call it a "VPN" in the beginning

To get your or anyone who acrosses this attention. Read more.


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