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My name is Ari Archer also known as Arija A., but most commonly referred to as Ari. I am a 16 year old, neurodivergent, transgender, open source developer from Lithuania who does fun stuff in primarily Python (~8 years) and C (89, 99) (~4 years).

I've picked up programming at first in Python, writing various programs on my phone, and later on discovering a community where I could share my code. At the time I didn't have access to a computer, so I used to play around with basic JavaScript on my local library computers. At around 2019 I got access to a personal computer, which is where my main FOSS journey started - exploring more technologies and understanding them more in-depth, not being limited by a locked down phone.

I hated the limiting feeling of being on Microsoft Windows 10 very limiting, so soon after getting a personal computer I installed a free and open source Linux kernel distribution - and I've never went back to Windows ever since then. Democracy, freedom, shareability and customization ("hackability") are huge values for me.

Technology is a big part of my life, and I am way past the stage where I find just technology fascinating - I find various problems and their optimal solutions very interesting and I like to come up with my own - even if it's "reinventing the wheel" or "impractical" - I like to dig deep into it and understand how it works at its core, rather than relying on high-level features of an abstraction stack. I was always a person like this, not specifically in technology - I was always the nerdy science kid - but everywhere.

Even though I'd consider technology, problem solving, and computer programming a big part of my life, I also enjoy a couple of more things. Such as:

  • Exploring various social issues (wars, injustice, freedom of people, abuse, discrimination, environmental problems, ...)
  • Cooking - I really enjoy putting together a healthy, vegan dish, which's recipe I can share with others.
  • And also blogging, as archiving things and thoughts has been a huge part of my life since forever.

But generally, I am pretty much open to try everything at least once if I have the time and energy to do so.

People often describe my personality as kind, accepting, open-minded, and nonjudgmental due to the way I interact with the world and people - I am always accepting of people no matter what they've gone through or are going through. They also see my logical side and describe me as intelligent, analytical, and creative because of how I tend to approach various logical problems. Though, this side of me can sometimes be overpowered by my emotional side if I lose control of my emotions.

A illustration (sketch) of Ari Archer with medium length red-black split dyed hair
  • Name: Arija A. (Ari Archer)
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: 16 years old.
  • Education: Primary school, middle school, high school (ongoing).
  • Country: Lithuania (Lietuva).
  • Languages: Lithuanian (native, 16y), English (B2, 8y), German (basic, 4y - not taking it since age 16 (11th grade), rarely using it casually).
  • Programming Experience: 8 years (8y in Python, 4y in C).
  • Skills: Backend web development in Python using Flask, basic front-end development (HTML, JS, CSS, SCSS) and SEO (search engine optimization), software and library development in C and Python, Linux and intermediate Linux systems administration, technical documentation and specifications, application of different mathematical methods.
  • Learning: Better communication skills, self-improvement, cryptography (post-quantum cryptography), working on mental health and emotional grounding.
  • Personality: Recognised as kind, open-minded, intelligent, analytical, non-Judgmental, chill, anxious, generous, introverted, independent, caring, helpful, and supportive by people in my life.
  • Contacts
"Talk is cheap. Show me the code."
       - Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux

This is a brief description of me as a person, I probably cannot fit all of it in a single page. I do hope that this is a good introduction to what I do, what skills I posses.

*** Current status ***

ayayayayay im ur little butterfly πŸ”₯

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Note that these are not the only projects I've ever worked on. These are a few highlights that I find neat personally for differnt reasons. There don't showcase all of my abilities, although these are practical examples of things I work on sometimes.


# Staff

This table lists active staff that works on different parts of, that doesn't include me. Feel free to visit their websites and show appriciation :).

Name Role Website
LDA Moderates Matrix.
Jjj (Joseph) Moderates Matrix and XMPP/Jabber, helps with Email things.
Zayd Administrates Akkoma.
Sulian/Morguldir Moderates Matrix. is mainly a personal site, although it is not limited to being just a personal website. I, together with a couple of staff members, host some services on a shared server. Some of these services are a bit locked down or have aggressive policies to prevent spam as our team is small.

# Services

This table lists all self-hosted software (semi-)open for the public that people are welcome to use.

Service Description Link
Matrix homeserver Semi-open registration, follow the process described here.
XMPP/Jabber server Semi-open registration, follow the process described here. lh/xmpp
Forgejo git forge instance Open registration.
SearXNG instance SearXNG meta-search-engine instance.
CryptPad instance Open registration, CryptPad: private office suite software.
Email server hosting Mailcow Contact for custom domains (aggressive policy) (register here)
Roundcube webmail Only for users
Akkoma fediverse instance Open registration.
Vikunja instance Free and open source todo app. Open registration.
SchildiChat & Cinny Matrix web clients Web clients for Matrix. &
PrivateBin instance Private public encrypted pastebin.
Private PocketBase instance Private database storage for Github: TheCubiq's email Custom domain on ari-web email
Forgejo instance for Git forge instance of KappaChat - An extensible Matrix client written in C.

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